If you feel like you are capable of doing more and can achieve better results, but you don’t know how, then my training program is exactly what you are looking for.


I started coaching in 2018 after graduating from the national university and completing a specialized educational program for cycling trainers.


As a former cyclist I know that the coach plays a very significant role in athlete’s life.


Together you make plans and set goals for the future, and together you work to bring them to life.


Trainer does not only create a training plan; they monitor your health condition and make sure of you successfully completing your daily plans.


Furthermore, a good coach prepares their athletes mentally, increasing their confidence and self esteem.


I am constantly adapting and optimizing training plans, methods and the philosophy to maximize effectiveness, achieve goals and reveal the full potential of my athletes.


Experience and education:

Former cyclist, 2nd times Ukrainian national champion.


Bachelor's degree in Physical Education


Successfully completed the UCI Level 2 Coach Development Program